Residential Development

The Keystone Group develops distinct townhomes, duplexes, and condominiums in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area. While each project holds its own set of challenges, the focus always remains the same – developing desirable homes that sell fast and make for a great investment. The ongoing success of the Keystone Group results from an optimal blend of unwavering commitment to quality, sound planning based on project objectives, the application of the ideal internal and external resources, and execution against the project’s benchmarks of efficiency, world-class quality, budget, and schedule.

Development Strategy

Our strategy is to develop modern homes that sell at a premium, and to do that in a cost efficient manner. We believe that today’s homebuyer is interested in modern design, and is willing to pay a premium for a well-designed home. The Keystone Group is very efficient in developing properties which cater to the modern life style. We build homes with great architectural design and high quality construction. This strategy results in homes that are attractive to many buyers, command a higher price, and sell quickly.

Development Financing

The Keystone Group has established strong ties with local lenders. We use bank financing at an attractive rate to fund land acquisitions and construction costs. Our investors benefit from the low cost financing, which increases the return on their investment, and makes larger, more profitable, projects possible. Our principals invest their personal capital in our development projects. In addition, our principals personally guarantee the bank financing for the development projects. This structure provides a strong incentive to succeed and aligns investors’ and developers’ interests.

Development Approach

Keystone’s approach is built on a foundation of in-depth market analysis, site evaluation, and feasibility studies. From that base, development becomes reality through the prudent and expert application of resources to the project. The Keystone Group’s unyielding attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence can be seen in every phase of the development project.


The Keystone Group leverages its in-house construction capabilities to control cost and assure high construction quality. Our construction team is a well-orchestrated unit comprised of experienced contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who are committed to our mission. The Keystone Group perform the General Contractor role in all its developments. Our specialists closely supervise all construction aspects to ensure the incomparable quality for which we are known for. 

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Real Estate Development A to Z

The Keystone Group manages all aspects of the real estate development project, from sourcing land, through financing, acquisition, design, construction, and marketing. We have the talent and expertise to skillfully handle the legal, financial, construction, risk management, and regulatory aspects of the development project.


Selling - the consummation of the development process - must always be the developer’s ongoing focus. From a project’s earliest conceptual stages, the Keystone Group concentrates on providing the design, amenities, and other features that best attract homeowners. The Keystone Group also leverages its in-house Realtor to effectively market the properties, while reducing marketing costs. This approach delivers consistent, dependable benefits to our homeowners, and investors.